E Kō!  / Hey Girl!

I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick butt
— Maya Angelou

A Girls Day Out like none you've experienced ! 

Sunday 5th August       11am - 4pm       Meteor Theatre

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   Grandmas bring your granddaughters...   
   Mums bring your daughters...
   Daughters bring your aunties...
   Aunties bring your nieces ..

Nieces bring your cousins..

Big Sisters bring your little sisters..

Sisters bring your friends...

Or come on your own! 




Toi Wāhine are incredibly excited to launch E Kō! as part of the Toi Wāhine festival.

Effectively a 'trade day' E Kō! offers women the opportunity for hands on experience with activities not normally on offer at a female event. With wāhine from different trades on hand to share their knowledge and expertise this day will be a day for inspiring, informing , uniting and empowering with plenty of laughs along the way.

Whether it be learning some basic DIY and how to handle power tools or how to change a tyre, jumpstart a car and becoming familiar with what’s under the hood or mastering a few moves in a self-defence workshop there is plenty to do. 


The Fire Service will be there throwing down the challenge to see if attendees have what it takes to be a Fire fighter along with their virtual reality  experience 'Escape My House'. 


While the Creation Station is a chance to up-skill and up-cycle a garment or piece of bespoke jewellery with the help of our creative and skilled helpers.  

Our hope is that whatever activity is tried you will leave feeling empowered and with a new understanding of what you can achieve by giving it a go!