Wednesday 18th September  - Saturday 28th September    The Nancy Caiger Gallery at The Meteor Theatre

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Hine/Wāhine is an exhibition about wāhine connections and relationships explored through toi.  

Mother/daughter, nanny/mokopuna & teacher/student relationships combine in an intimate and reflective exhibition of artworks created through the exchange and collaboration of ideas, thoughts and influences shared between different generations of wāhine. 

Aisha Roberts       Jude Roberts  

Margaret Aull       Katrina Tamaki  

Zena Elliott            Roberta Elliott  

Hiria Anderson      Dallis Anderson  

Meika de Maxton  Michelle Nicholls  

Jordyn Daniels        Simi Paris  

Kiana Ormsby         Lisa Ormsby  

Jayna Christie         Tangiwai Christie  

Image credit:  

Title: Hine-ariki-rangi  

Photography by Aisha Roberts, Illustrations by Jude Roberts  

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E Hina e! E Hine e!

Exhibition open from Saturday 14 September 2019

Waikato Museum Te Whare Taonga o Waikato

E Hina e! E Hine e! explores the contemporary relevance of female Maaori and Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) akua/atua (ancestors). Focusing on our profound connections and told through contemporary and traditional taonga (treasures), oratory, and visual storytelling, this exhibition celebrates the female essence. 

We honour ngaa atua/akua waahine, the divine feminine, embodied in the natural environment, to illuminate a pathway toward a more sustainable future. 

Developed by Dr Nālani Wilson-Hokowhitu (Kanaka Maoli), Dr Aroha Yates-Smith (Te Arawa, Tainui, Horouta, Takitimu, Mataatua), and curator Poutiaki Whakataki Maree Mills (Ngaati Tuuwharetoa), this exhibition draws from their research and collective commitment to mana waahine.