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It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent
— Madeleine Albright

Sorry For Your Loss

 September 18th (8pm), 19th (7pm), 21st & 25th (6pm)  The Meteor Theatre


 Like all other relevant life events, it all started with a Facebook message.  

 “Hi Cian, I’m really sorry for the random message. My name is Awhina. 
I’m searching (on behalf of my uncle) for a girl named Cian from Hamilton, he’s not sure of the last name. He told me that he has been looking for her.” 

 Turns out I was the girl she was looking for. 

 My father was struggling to find me...because he had forgotten my last name.  

It’s not even a difficult one aye. Well, I guess if you’re gone for long enough, your daughter’s name could escape you. Funny that... 

Sorry For Your Loss is a fresh new take on the everlasting journey of figuring out who you are...This one-woman show was written and is performed by exciting up-and-coming artist, Cian Gardner. It is her story of growing up, and explores the effects of having a sometimes-there-mostly-not Dad. A raw and real performance, Sorry For Your Loss sees Gardner opens up to audiences and expose something she never thought she needed to revisit.  

Cian occupies the stage as multiple characters, her mother, her father, herself in the past and present. In this story about the strength of a woman; and the gift of strength from one woman to another.  

Director Laura Haughey brings her unique physical approach to the storytelling in this original, devised piece of work.

Tickets: $15 Concession (Student ID, Gold Card) & $20 General Admission

Soft n Hard

September 20th & 21st     8pm      The Meteor Theatre

Soft N Hard Meteor Square.jpg

Soft N Hard is a complex, challenging and riotously funny exploration of the tensions and imbalances between male and female gender roles in a modern world.  

 Married for ten years, performers Jo Randerson and Thomas LaHood use their finely-tuned clowning skills and the authentic awkwardness and vulnerability of their own relationship to bring a relatable and indelibly comic touch to the curly questions of gender politics.  

  Jo was working on a solo performance about how women have to hold themselves to accommodate others, and Thomas was working on a solo performance about how men hardly have to do anything at all. So inevitably, they decided they should explore both sides live on stage. What could possibly go wrong? 

 Described by their eldest son as a play about "Two monsters who turn into people and then have a lot of fights" this show keeps audiences guessing - it’s wild, loose, comedy that twists the knife. Radical, fun and anarchic, it breaks down held beliefs, lets audiences loosen up and see things from a different perspective. 

Jo Randerson and Thomas LaHood are the creative team behind Barbarian Productions (known for a radically progressive approach to theatre) and together they run their independent theatre business, create their art, and raise their two children. Their lives are inextricably intertwined.   


 Tickets: $22 Concession (Student ID, Gold Card & $27 General Admission

Aroha is a Maori

September 27th (7pm) & 28th (2pm)      

The Meteor Theatre

Aroha square 700.jpg

How Māori do you have to be to be a Māori? 

What do you do when society puts you in a box and the box rejects you? 

Explore the line between cultural appropriation and appreciation in new one-woman comedy show Aroha is a Māori by Kahurangi Carter.

Tickets: $15 Concession (Student ID, Gold Card) & $20 General Admission

Emerging Voices- Artificial Gods Fempocalypse

Saturday 21st September     2pm      The Meteor Theatre Saturday 28th September     7:30pm   

Artificial Gods700.jpg

This year’s Toi Wāhine Festival’s Emerging Voices event is a development staging of Adam NZ Award-winning playwright Benny Marama’s next play Artificial Gods.  

Eva and Lucy are sex workers – Eva is a seasoned pro, while Lucy is new to the job.  

At first, things between them are cordial.  However, Eva starts to suspect that Lucy isn’t being entirely honest with her, while Lucy grows paranoid that Eva is setting her up to fail.  

 Based on true events, Artificial Gods is a drama about two friends who decide to start a business together. Alternating between their first night and last night working together, the play explores what happens when that friendship becomes professional and how that changes who they are and who they’re perceived to be.  

 We welcome your feedback in a Q&A session following the show.

Tickets: KOHA


Ladies and Gentlemen- we present the Fempocalypse! A Cabaret inspired by Weimar era Berlin, this sexy and somewhat subversive evening creatively celebrates the Badass Woman… Brave, authentic and original. 

Mixing high art and low humour, in a lovingly curated, gender-bending night of spoken word, theatre, dance and music, all performed by some top local talent and with some surprises in store...  Fempocalypse is the perfect party to end the Festival! 

 Highlights include: a barbarian, a spurned lover, a lover who just wants another, a girl who prefers boys to be girls, and girls to be boys… 

Tickets: $27 VIP & $22 General Admission